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There’s is no I in FRENDS-

You’re gramatically right of course if right now your’re thinking “dumb, this is not how you write the word “friends”!” if so Bravo! Nice! but now…open your mind, center your f’cking chi and read this:

Keir Dillon, Jack Mitrani, Luke Mitrani, Kevin Pearce, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Mason Aguirre and Mikkel Bang are 8 ah-mazing pro snowboarders, members of the snowboarding crew: FRENDS. These guys taught us that real friends are always there for you, they got your back and that there’s no I in Frends!. As they grew up together sharing same passions as music and snowboarding..they began to think about making FRENDS an official brand of the sickest headphones in the world. Let me just say that FRENDS made it and knows how to treat your tunes. 

Check out http://wearefrends.com/ to find out more, or go to http://store.wearefrends.com/ to buy some Frends headphones, T-shirts or hats. 

Also don’t miss out http://www.frendsvision.com/home/ for some hilarious clips.